A Fintech Firm Focused on Emerging Markets with Expertise in Global Trade.



Reed Robinson Asset Strategies is the vision of native Washingtonian and futurist Walter G. Reed. Established in D.C in 2012 by Walter and protégé Michael A. Robinson, the company’s original focus was emerging markets and infrastructure financing. Today our focus has expanded to include fintech, international trade and entertainment with emphasis on investment strategies, scalable business models, and social impact.

Business we have initiated and managed exceed well over $1 billion.

the legacy

A proud Washingtonian and Georgetown Graduate (‘59), Walter George Reed was a visionary. From 1969 to his passing in 2016, Reed left a global entrepreneurial stamp on this world. His endeavors comprised of owning a wide spectrum of businesses from lateritic nickel-antimony mining in Greece, residential property development in Virginia, screenwriting, to consulting and trade across Europe and Asia. In his continued drive for economic development, Reed’s futuristic approach expanded his portfolio to international infrastructure financing in emerging markets. This in turn created partnerships wherein Reed-Robinson Asset Strategies managed well over a billion dollars worth of businesses, as his legacy continues to grow.

Reed was not just a business guru. Walter George Reed was an American Patriot, proudly serving in the U.S. Navy. Rightfully so, as this man of integrity lived according to “Semper Fortis,” never missing an opportunity to exhibit strength and courage. In addition, and above all, this lifetime learner was a family man. His proudest moments were those filled with his grand kids, who affectionately referred to him as “Pops.”

Reed always found ways to celebrate others, and his hometown of Washington D.C. as exhibited by his iconic 1983 Redskin Super Bowl win creation, “Hog’s Night Out” poster. However, here, we celebrate him. Reed-Robinson Asset Strategies will always continue in, and add to, the Walter G. Reed Legacy.


Countries are moving away from traditional markets and industries. The advent of technology, rapid industrialization, and globalization allow access to improved investment opportunities in developing nations.

Emerging Markets​

A technological revolution in the 21st century that augments traditional financial services. Blockchain and digital assets improve supply chain, financial transactions, and identity.

International Trade​

Domestic and international transactions stimulate new investments to improve labor markets and foster economic growth. New concepts in the fintech industries improve efficacy in cross-border trade between global entities.


As the world transitions into the  “Fourth  Industrial Revolution”,  entertainment  will be globalized and full of new  opportunities.